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            company news

            May 2011 Russian Wire and Cable Fair

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                    Dongguanshi zhangli machine fittings co.,ltd. is a thermal spraying factory located in the beautiful Humen town Dongguan city China,established in 1998,specializing in the production and repairing of the machinery part with thermal spraying coating in wire & cable,textile & chemical fiber,metallurgy industries,printing and packaging,canned food industry.
                    We have the state of the art spraying equipment : the detonation spray coating series, HOVF spraying series,the wire flame spraying series,the rods and bars flame spraying series and so on.they mainly apply in regeneration of the professional mechanical fitting function,improve the wear-resistance,anti-corrosive,erosion resistance,high temperature proof and conductor adiabatic etc.The mental materials for the spray coating mainly are : chromium oxide ceramics,aluminum oxide,titanium oxide,tungsten carbide,nickel base,cobalt base and so on.we use different material and powder according toclients requirements.







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