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            company news

            September 2011 Thailand Wire and Cable Fair

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                    The exhibition was hosted by Dusseldorf Exhibition Company, Germany. It was first held in Thailand in 2007 and was held in Singapore from 1997 to 2005. It has received strong support from the International Association of Wire Machinery, the Italian Association of Wire Machinery Manufacturers, the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, the Bureau of Wire and Cable Industry and the American Association of Wire and Cable Suppliers. During the same period of the last 2009 exhibition, pipe and Pipeline Exhibition was held simultaneously, attracting 305 companies. The net area of the exhibition reached 4,500 square meters and the audience was 5,000 people. They came from wire industry, wire and cable industry, automobile industry, electronics industry, aerospace industry, click engineering and electronics industry, telecommunications computer manufacturing industry and iron industry. Associations in steel and non-ferrous metals industry, chemical industry, construction industry, service industry, related universities and research institutes, trade associations and government agencies, etc.







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