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            company news

            Warmly welcome the success of our website revision

            author:admintime:2019-09-22 23:23click:

                        After careful organization and careful planning, the website of Dongguan Tension Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. www.jphaag.com.cn has been successfully revised.
                        Compared with the previous websites, the new version of the website has been greatly strengthened in terms of function design, beauty and service. The new version of the company's website adds such modules as Wechat Public Number, Mobile Official Website, Spraying Process, Customer Message, Partner, Company Environment and so on. The most important thing is to add a powerful background function and update all products on the basis of the previous ones. The company can easily manage the phase of each module. The management of information and products has changed very well. Users can not only learn more information about products and market activities from the website, but also understand the company's corporate culture and strong strength in an all-round way.
                        This revision of the website not only makes the website of Dongguan Tension Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. have enterprise publicity, but also provides more opportunities for communication and interaction within the company, between the company and customers, and professionals. It is believed that the completion of this website revision will enable Dongguan Tension Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. to better serve customers, create an effective company website, and help the company to further develop.







            Wechat sweep

            Mobile phone sweep

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