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            Metal Ceramic coating series for wire & Cable Industries

            Wire wheel-sprayed ceramics for high-speed baler

            • The company has advanced spraying equipment at home and abroad: explosive spraying series, supersonic spraying series, powder flame spraying series, wire flame spraying series, bar flame spraying series, etc. Mainly used in the regeneration of mechanical fittings in various industries, through spraying to improve the workpiece surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, high temperature resistance, conductive insulation and so on.

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            Because the aluminium wheel of enamelling machine has thin edge and light weight, it is easy to deform the guide wheel by spraying ceramics with rod spraying gun, and the ceramic coating sprayed by plasma equipment is easy to fall off. Therefore, our company specially introduces a complete set of explosive spraying equipment system, which specializes in the spraying of enamelled wire wheel. Its equipment can make the workpiece less heated, but also can obtain the result. Coating with high density and stronger adhesion.
            Name: Ceramics for Wire Spraying of High Speed Ladle Machine
            Output Unit: Dongguan Tension Machinery Parts Co., Ltd.
            If you need to know the specific parameters, please contact our company: 0769-85415700, our company can also be customized according to the drawing.







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